Locali Voix-4072

Genre de la voix : Femme

Langue de la voix : Japonais

Âge/s de la voix : Ado, Adulte, Enfant, Jeune adulte, Senior


Types de prestations

My voice is Clear, Smooth, Natural, Sweet, Friendly, Believable, Conversational, Flexible, Confident and Professional. My Professional background is in TV, Radio as an announcer in Tokyo. I have been working as a professional Voice Over artist for more than 25 years in Japan and USA. I can ably perform a range of tones and inflections from 5 years old cute girl, young adult, mature woman to 80 years old woman.I usually complete the work quicker than expected and with results accepted by the client. All my clients were so happy to use my service.


AVS4YOU, Windows 7 Pro, Audacity, Phone, Skype. I have my home studio.
My voice is strong, clear, warm, sexy, kind, charming, flexible and professional.
Ballroom Latin Dancer, Japanese Ceramic artist


I am a professional voice over talent with exceptional skills. My quality of voice and character, ability to perform under pressure, and with exact specification to the clients needs are excellent. I can produce animated voice characters for videos, cartoons, and movies, etc. Often presented with challenging roles, I can provide the right character and the correct voice. My ability to direct and produce at the same time, or as a separate service is exceptional and with the highest professional output.


TBS announcement school, radio Fukushima, TBS, Asahi TV, Radio Tochigi //
TBS announcement school, radio Fukushima, TBS, TV Asahi, Radio Tochigi.


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