The voices of your ads

Vox Pub

Communication campaign for :

– TV advertising to find the voice talent whose voice will give soul and character to your message
– Radio ad, where the story (conception-writing) and the settings (sound design, sound effects, atmospheres, sfx) make the difference
– Sound identity because just as you have a visual logo, we can create your sound logo

We can listen and watch only what we find of interest. Today’s consumer has turned into his own programer thanks to replay, streaming and VOD. In order to survive and be heard, advertising has to be more creative than ever.

TV commercial

Over the past 30 years, we have worked for some of the largest and demanding  international advertisers. San Pellegrino, Ferrero, Calzedonia, TripAdvisors, Geox, Uhu, Novotel, Dell, Rolex, Whirlpool, Asics, Prada… regularly entrust us with the soundtrack of their French TV campaigns.

Our experience is by far as rich and wide as that of many studios in Paris, only our costs are lighter. 

San Pellegrino Campaign with Networks (Milan)

Radio commercial

Production and design : they each account for 50 % of the success of a radio message. Form and substance are inseparable.

– Radio is everywhere: in your car, at work, at home
– Radio allows you to reach an audience that is not necessarily on other media
– Radio ads are inexpensive to produce and broadcast
– Radio ads create a lasting impression

Vox Pub has created a unique tool for your next campaign, based on a benchmark of your competitors, in order to maximize good practices and avoid the bad ones.

Changing from the traditional 30 second format, working with a new sound designer, recruiting a truly original voice, enriching oneself in foreign cultures : we will do everything to catch the attention of ears that have become selective. In the age of new media, the future of advertising lies in creativity.

Sound identity

Your image can speak out with a sound logo. 

In a world where music is everywhere, consumers are more demanding when it comes to sound. Major advertisers are. And so can you.  The design of an original musical signature is a demanding but rewarding  process, as well as a strategic identity and differentiation issue.
Sound design reinforces the evocative power of the brand and emphasizes the process of recognition. Think of Dim, Darty, But, France Telecom, SNCF… and you immediately hear the sound jingle that identifies them. These 3 notes (often) are the substance of an elaborate musical code conceived with the announcer and in accordance with his values. In order to create yours, we will ask you a thousand questions about your brand’s values, its image, its history, before suggesting  musical references, composing and then orchestrating the theme that will accompany your future successes.