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Translation, Adaptation, Dubbing, Titling

We provide your business with a network of translators for all types of documents and media.
Thanks to a reactive team and new communication technologies, Vox Populi® has developed a responsive offer to meet the growing demands of international markets.

Commited to excellence, we only work with professional experienced translators and adaptators, aware of the specificities implied by a quality localization.



In the audiovisual field, translation is not enough : only LOCALization makes it possible to deliver a true adaptation of the original text to the target audience. The quality of your communication will largely depend on that of the LOCALIzation.
It is the delicate work of tuning your communication to the culture of the target country (choice of words, idioms, polite formulas) and also of adjusting the length of sentences, the rhythm and even the “shape” of the words, when lipsync is required.

Audio dubbing

“Hi Ben, how are you today? “ cannot be translated in French by ”Salut Ben, comment vas-tu aujourd’hui?”
Because it would be too long : 10 syllables vs 7 in the original version.
Because it would not match the shape of the mouth : “hi” requires an open mouth, while “bonjour” begins with a closed mouth.
And because it would simply sound awkward  : “comment vas-tu aujourd’hui?” is a literal translation of an English expression but it does not “sound” French.

We provide dialogue adaptation services for audiovisual, animation, training, video games and interactive toys.
Our double linguistic and audiovisual know-how, 30 years of unique experience in sound production, is our best guarantee. We are also a member of the international APTX network which brings together over 900 localization specialists around the world.