The best voices all over the world

Remote recording

To record the best professional, native, accent-free voices in target countries, we are equipped with SOURCE CONNECT PRO © and SESSION LINK © which allow us to record remotely across the world. Live and with professional quality.
LOCALI is part of a network of over 900 professional partner studios around the world who share their voice database and experience with one another.

Remote session monitoring

Your time is precious and you want to attend or direct your recording session without traveling? Vox Online is for you!
Thanks to SKYPE © you can be live with us from your office or by your pool. All you need is a computer and an internet connection to hear and see the studio and communicate with its staff. You can step in anytime. For free.

Sound for websites, blogs, web pages, social networks

Today, an average French household is equipped with seven screens. Each screen is equipped with one or more speaker : opportunities to broadcast image and sound have never been greater. At the same time, written word is losing ground while audiovisual contents thrive. Experts say that in less than three years, 70% of social media content will be video films.