Sound production for games and toys

Vox for Kids

Sound design for :

– Talking games and toys, in constant evolution towards more interactive dimensions, as the toys become the child’s learning companions that he must be able to listen and understand, with whom he must communicate and speak to like almost real persons.

– Video games, a very serious industry whose global market now exceeds that of cinema and for which the area of Lyon has internationally recognized talents, experience and know-how.

Talking toys

From the know-how acquired in video games and  cartoon dubbing, Locali has drawn its expertise in talking games and toys. Knowledge of the requirements of young audiences, specific voice casting, directing young children (as in the Swedish cartoon school for which we dubbed several feature films) are valuable assets that we constantly improve. The result is a large number of Grands Prix, first prizes and Special Toy Prizes® won by our clients and in which we hope to have contributed.

Above: Interactive Babar and Celeste from by Tomy,  TipToy by Ravensburger, Pokemon Guess by ZanZoon
Below: Gaffe au loup de Smoby, Sindy by HasbroLea Interactive by Corollela Souris Verte by Ouaps.

Video games

Our know-how in the sound design of video games began in 1986, when Vox Populi, the ancestor of Locali, started composing musics and designing sound effects and voices for Infogrames. As the business grown,  we produced soundtracks for more new creative studios with funny names : Signes Particuliers, Donki Denki, CodemastersEden Studios, Cryo, Kazibao, Œil pour Œil, Little Worlds Studio, Etranges Libellules and  EA, the world leader that also set up its French headquarters in Lyon.