Training and e-learning programs, serious games, multimedia …

Vox DI
Digital & Interactive

Because you remember better what you see in addition to reading it, and even better what you hear in addition to seeing it.

Daesign (Annecy) and its AVAs, Autonomous Virtual Actors, technology at the service of talents.

Training programs

Immersive e-learning training programs, designed like video games, as effective as role-playing games and as convincing as real-life situations, are now a reality.
Based on the idea that simulation amounts to practice combined with rehearsal, virtual situations train you for real-life situations. Without leaving the office or mobilizing long days, these new tools allow you to dialogue, question, argue and convince as you would in real life.

Multimedia productions

Most of today’s productions, broadcast on the Internet and elsewhere, combine texts, images, sounds and voices. A webinar, a motion-design film, an animated computer graphics (pp, prezi…), when enriched with beautiful professional voices, music and sound effects, take on a whole new dimension.

Avon entrusts its multimedia productions to the Cho You Media agency (Lyon)

Video films

The first half of the word “audiovisual” takes on its full meaning ; post-production, sound effects, casting in all languages, voice over, original soundtrack, dubbing, mixing …
Video film soundtrack has been the core of our business for more than 30 years. Our team has mixed hundreds of commercials, corporate and training films.
Just try to watch a movie without its soundtrack to see the difference!

For Michelin, Joséphine Prod (Villeurbanne) produces real video trailers to join in a game on road safety.