Locali Voice -4242

Gender of the voice : Male

Voice language : French

Voice age / s : Adult


Types of services

Low-pitched adult voice; neutral, smiling or warm; often posed / sometimes cheerful, promotional or natural.
Available among other things for antenna covers, brand signatures, phone systems, pre-hooks, radio spots, instructionnal


– Sponsoring advertising (Zenith d’Auvergne, Rhône Alpes events, concerts advertisement) for a local radio
– Radio advertising for Nissan (Geneva – Switzerland), Palnète Mode (Lyon), Salon « Le Monde O21 »
– On-air designs : Liners for Radio Scoop, several radio channels, La Radio du Père Noël (Paris-IDF),
– Billboards for Auchan
– Voice-over (James Blunt interview for Radio Scoop)
– TV advertising for Bayrol Piscines
– Billboards for OLTV


Café-théâtre: « Le train-train Quotidien », written and directed by Pascal Gimenez in 2019 and « Tailleur pour Dames » by Georges Feydeau in 2020.
Creation of characters for humorous sections and on-air designs for radio or web radio programs, participation in radio programs, 25 years of radio production.


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