Locali Voice -4228

Gender of the voice : Male

Voice language : French

Voice age / s : Adult


Types of services

Natural medium to serious voice, friendly, warm, complicit, tender, educative informative, straight, posed, invigorating, reassuring especially adapted for the specialties like the institutional, the documentary, the audio-guide, the e-learning, the audiotel. I can also do advertising and video games.


Commercial from 1994 to 2010, trainer then business tour guide from 2011 to 2018, I have always exploited and modulated my voice to convince, explain, involve and impact my audience. In 2009, I discovered the voice-over.  In parallel, I come back with passion in the troupe of ATELIER ROUGE THEATER in Périgord. Singing is also part of my hobbies. In October 2018, I join the team of the VOICE SCHOOL in Chazay (69) to participate in the 100% micro Master Class training. I realize my childhood dream: to make voices to reach the public … The sequel is written with you …


Voice School : Master class confirmed 100% Micro in Chazay d’Azergues (Lyon) in October 2018

Lorenzo Pancino Academy :  Master class beginner in Boulogne in 2009 and Voice Over coaching programme Lvl 1 at 4 online and tutoring from 2012 to 2018

Singing : Fabienne Grange vocals lessons in 2016, Lyon and regular animations since 2007


How much does the Locali voice 4228 cost ?