Locali Voice -4193

Gender of the voice : Female

Voice language : Portuguese - Brazil

Voice age / s : Adult, Child


Types of services

I started my career as a Bachelor in Advertising and Publicity from the Federal University of Mato Grosso and my first work was on an affiliate
Band FM radio station.
For many years I was a radio commercial manager and commercial local voice talent recording my own scripts (I was a creative writer too)
Worked as well as a ceremonialist and oratory teacher, creating projects to develop speech and sales abilities of my students.
I have studied acting at the Aktoro School and was trained by Pedro Barreto from Espaço Renoir, among other virtual trainings including Bill
DeWees and Peter Rofé.
My main clients include Walmart, Return Path, Avon, IBM, HP, Google, J &amp J, Bayer, Samsung, S2Games, among many others.
I offer a natural and versatile voice without vices or exaggerations, neutral Brazilian Portuguese to perform many different styles and ages,
always giving the right approach to engage the audience.
Extremely professional and committed to the highest quality of voice, audio and editing services.
Always meeting the deadlines and very focused to give special attention to the clients
With schedule flexibility and always looking for the best result in any type of audio project: radio/tv commercials, corporate videos, institutional
videos, tutorials, explanations, trainings, characters, documentaries, cartoons, IVRs, games, apps and many others.


Since 2002 : Voice Over Services on my BeatMidia Studio.
2008 to 2010: Freelancer VoiceOver and Owner at ALQUIMIA IMPORTS – AF – MT , BR.
Owner working in all areas of the company , experience in retailing imported . Import and Export on a small scale.
Marketing , Sales and Advertising in various media. Announcer/VoiceOver in my own studio.
2004 to 2008: Professor at TECHNICAL SCHOOL CEPROTEC ( IEF ) – AF – MT , BR
Teacher in the areas of Marketing , Sales, Human Resources , Motivation , Social Psychology , Language and Human Development .
Chief of courses in public speaking and communication. Host for educational events.
Desevolopment of education and evaluation skills .
Professional advice and referral to the labor market .
Office of Communications unit .
2002 to 2007: Publicist, VoiceOver and Host at FLORESTA BROADCASTING ( BAND FM / AM FLORESTA ) – AF – MT, BR.
Commercial Manager Band FM , Customer Service, Sales , Promotional Actions. Creating marketing campaigns. Announcer and host.


Bachelor Degree in Social Communication with a minor in Publicity and Advertising – UFMT 1996
Advanced English in American English – USA 2001
Post disciplines in adult education by IFMT MT – 2009
Feedback Course Professional Communication – Ricardo Silva – SC 2012
Voiceover Workshop Advertising – Antonio Viviani and Nicola Lauleta SP – 2013
Technical course actor – Aktoro – 2013
Voiceover Training and Speech training – Espaço Renoir – 2014
Virtual trainings with Bill DeWees and Peter Roufé – 2016


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