Locali Voice -4075

Gender of the voice : Female

Voice language : German

Voice age / s : Adult, Child, Young adult


Types of services

Child voice, cartoons and youth voice, I speak with foreign accents and dialects like Schwäbisch, Swiss German and Bavarian.
Friendly, enthusiastic, emotional, fresh and young


For nearly 20 years, I worked as a spokesman. I have my own studio with high-end technology such as a Mayah Centauri Musiktaxi and excellent references. I spoke to countless local national radio and television spots, and al Dyson, Emmi Swiss cheese, Barbie Joker, Batman perfume, Billy Boy, Original Stabilo, German Wings, Lidl, Karstadt, Ikea, … I set to music almost every Anrufansahen days deuschlandweit for surgeries or hotels like the Ramada hotel chain hotels Treff, scout friend zoetis animal Health, MB Tech Group … also image films for Daimler, Audi , Biopro, tunes Ms. I, .. or PC games, for example, your form WII Mario Kart and more.


Trained as a presenter and work for various television shopping channels. (Zmba, Thunderbelt, Bokwa Pro Active etc.)


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