Locali Voice -3979

Gender of the voice : Male

Voice language : French

Voice age / s : Adult


Types of services

Radio, TV, film, advertising, documentary, interview, voice and played … dubbing, animation, speak all kinds. complete man

Voice: Tessiture bass / midrange, cheerful voice says, reassuringly, that emerges from the benevolence… Can go live on humorous notes, color harmonics varied intentions … Find prosodic adaptations to embody character actor Operation

Speaker, actor, vocal coach, media coach, consultant in sound communication, negotiator, Personal Development – Management Support, Taking the floor – Gestures, Masters of voice, development, preparation, relaxation, breathing, positioning, Stress Management – Anchors, using audio and visual aids, Adaptation written to spoken language and the personality of the speaker, Negotiation – Reformulation, Mediation – methods against-handling, sales techniques, body language and possibilities phonatory


TRAINER & CONSULTANT Speaker – Voice coach, artistic director Activity 2008: Spotted and tested by Voxpopuli, integrates the Locali casting for various speak performances. Sportsman, under the guidance of Avalonfilms, short lacteur « Category Jogger » short film directed by Martin Le Gall. (JOGGING CATEGORY) In the studio, on a set, the actor offers the registers of his range to films, comments, radio and TV commercials, stimulating consumerists with his voice by praising the merits of the President pie chart, complete white Harry bread, reassuring the BMW driver with his premium voice, incarnating Volvic fluids (a touch of fruit!) Sunny-Delight (the new one even more fruit!), Evian (good water!), Darty (for the European Football Cup!), captures Shazam, D.A. Euro RSCG


A vocal coach, strength magnet … it leads ! When a voach coal … it is useless to pass messages through the speech instrument producer, the body!


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