The Locali Team

Who does what ?

artistic direction

Remi ChenaudSound design,
sound engineer

Benoît RiotSound design,
sound engineer

Marie LalemanTranslation
and location

Marina VandyckProduction management and localization

Locali is committed to offering a real plus in terms of sound production.

The use of state-of-the-art equipment, combined with our creativity, gets your customers to the heart of the message. You come to see us with a real communication challenge and we answer you with the appropriate creative solution.

The style and techniques of our multimedia presentations are similar to that of many other production companies in the market. However, because we use the best resources and rigorous production management, we are often able to deliver the finished product in less time, at lower cost and with greater impact.

Cost philosophy: “the sound that sells”

The budget you invest in your audio communication at LOCALI is not an expense but an investment. All quotes commit us to respecting prices, deadlines and your total satisfaction. No bad surprises and no surprises.

Philosophy of sound

Our philosophy of sound communication is simple; sound communication is one of the most powerful tools for dealing with affect. But on the express condition that the message is correctly conceived and carried out. Our experience allows us to know the needs and habits of those who are the recipients of the messagesonore.

Team creativity

Our team is made up of creatives, whose main goal is the success of your sound communication. While others are repeating themselves, our customers are getting noticed. Our know-how includes writing, recording and post-production of messages that testify to the unique positioning of each client.


LOCALI has chosen to equip its studio with the best technology. The quality of the recording chain must be as pure as possible: recording booths Roger D’Arcy, AAA, London shots / Neumann M149 tube microphones, SE Gemini II tube / Neve preamps and Focusrite / Genelec speakers.

Our entire team is at your disposal for a collaboration to which we will take the greatest care in order to make the image of your company speak louder!