The 7 tips for choosing the right voiceover for your videos

1- In sound production there are three rules:

a: listen with your ears,
b: listen with your ears,
c: listen with your ears.
So do not choose a voice according to what is written on it but by listening carefully.

2- The fewest possible selection criteria.

This is because the age of the voice, game, or category applies to demos, not people. By choosing for example “category: TV commercial + game: dynamic” you might miss a talent who knows how to do dynamic very well but does not have a dynamic TV commercial in his demos.
Select only gender (male or female) and language. You get a list with already a certain amount of information (photo, location, age of voice). Then click on each one to discover their arguments and above all… to listen.

3- The value does not wait for the number of years.

And it’s not the number of referrals you buy, it’s the best voice for your message.

It is also by trusting young actors / voices that you will discover nuggets and have a unique tone to embody your brand.

4- If you know who to look for,

enter only their unique code in the “search for code” box and click on “search”

5- plan a plan B and a plan C.

Voice Talents are human beings not machines and as such are not always available when you need them. It is therefore sometimes prudent to plan a second or even a third choice.

6- Reason the target country.

In the case of a foreign language it is important to know where in the world the message will be broadcast. We should not just think in terms of English or Spanish voice because we will not use the same Voice Talents to communicate in Australia, Great Britain and the United States. Thanks to its network LOCALI records remotely all over the world and always with talents who are in the target country.

7- That’s not all!

The engine presents a few hundred actors / voices in all languages ​​but thanks to our network (APTx, Source Connect Pro, Session Link) we are a partner of +900 professional studios around the world, i.e. many thousands of voices . If you can’t find what you are looking for in the engine, then don’t hesitate to ask here.