You Vox – Academy

Is a friend or colleague leaving? Got a birthday or wedding coming up? Why not record a well-known song and rework the lyrics?  A great evening = an exceptional and original present!

you vox locali star academy you vox locali star academy you vox locali

We provide you with a wide range of instrumental versions of well-known songs; you rewrite the words before the session, and then arrive like a star to record your voice over the song. We then mix your song while you enjoy a glass of champagne.
You get to take home a cut personalised CD that you will keep forever.

You Vox – Memorial

Record for posterity the voice of a loved one, who will not be around forever. Your mother or grandmother, your father or grandfather: when an elderly person passes away, a whole library of knowledge disappears and part of your life is lost forever.
You Vox – Memorial is a living and unique souvenir for those who wish to hold on to a little piece of their parents, and is a lovely present idea for grandparents to give to their grandchildren.

locali you vox memorial locali you vox memorial

You won’t have to push your mum or your dad too hard to convince them to come and talk about their lives into the microphone in our studios.
For the rest, place your trust in us and you will go home with a truly intense and emotional treasure on CD.