Vox Store

Do you want to?

– create a musical ambience in your shops which fits your image

– use a playlist which has been developed by specialists to boost sales

– no longer listen to endless radio station adverts

– no longer go and buy new CDs every month

– no longer worry about maintaining your sound equipment

=> Vox Store is perfect for you

Locali Bureau Studio

In a shop silence means death! That is what is revealed by reliable studies on the subject.  In fact, silent places in our towns are becoming increasingly rare.
Music is part of your shop’s decor, just like lighting, shop furniture, the colour of the walls and the products themselves.
Just like them, music communicates and impresses, and is part of your image. And just like them, it encourages sales. By affecting mood, the right music influences the attitude of the consumer.  It makes the conditions favourable for purchasing. This is called sound or music marketing.While playing a radio station is a highly flexible solution, this decision entails numerous logistical consequences. This is particularly the case if you cannot select the playlist, and even more so if you have no say in the endless adverts which may be promoting your competitors.That is why the majority of the major brands use tailor-made music programmes.

How does it work in practice?

Vox Store produces a tailor-made playlist for Ligne Roset stores.
So every month, each shop receives four new hours of music without adverts, selected by sound marketing specialists in accordance with the brand’s specifications.
Each shop plays the music using equipment loaned and maintained by Locali. We also replace this equipment if it breaks down. All this for the price of a few CDs!

“Qualitatively speaking, it seems that people do not like silence at all.”
“So having music playing enables individuals to have a presence and to not feel alone. Silence in a shop causes stress to the extent that, characterised by the lack of sound, it highlights the end, mourning, and death”.

To sum up, research shows that silence is negative if a retailer wants customers to spend longer in a shop, and to be in a good mood and stress-free. Rouzé, 1999, pp 101 and 105.