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Are you looking for ideas for a communications campaign?

– TV Ads will help you find the voice talent who will give your message character and soul.
– Radio Ads where sound (sound design, sound effects, atmospheres, and SFX) make a difference.
– Sound identity because even if you have a visual logo, you need a sound logo too.

=> Vox Advertising is your solution

pub tv locali dash 2 en 1 pub tv locali dash 2 en 1 pub tv locali dash 2 en 1
TV Alice – Telecom Italia with Networks

=> What makes Vox Advertising unique?

Soon we will be able to only listen to and watch what really interests us. With hard disk drive recorders, TiVo, blogs and gossip pages, wikis (internet sites which are open to all) and podcasting, consumers schedule their own viewing. To survive, advertising will need to be creative.

TV Ads

We have been working for over fifteen years with the biggest international advertisers: Dash 2-in-1, Geox (breathable shoes), Alice ADSL, Uhu glue, Avon, Dell, Ravensburger, Kinder chocolates and Whirlpool regularly entrust us with the task of making the sound tracks for their French language TV advertising campaigns.

We have built up such a wealth of experience in this area that foreign studios are increasingly saving money by coming to our studio to do what they used to do in Paris.


pub tv locali alice telecom italia pub tv locali alice telecom italia pub tv locali alice telecom italia


Radio Ads

The success of a radio advert is 50% down to production and 50% down to design.

Poor production = a poor campaign, and poor design = a poor campaign. Content and form: simply inseparable.

– Radio is everywhere: in the car, at work, at home.
– Radio enables you to reach an audience which is not necessarily connected to other media.
– A good market for production and circulation.
– Radio creates a lasting impression.

Vox Advertising has created a unique tool for your next campaign; rather than diving straight into designing a campaign which will determine the success of your advertising investment, we start by focusing on your competitors’ existing radio advertising. Far from curbing our creativity, our unique approach enables us to benchmark bad practice which should be avoided and good practice which has proved its worth. This approach also gives you an initial idea of what sometimes can be so difficult to imagine.

Getting away from the traditional 30 second format, working with a panel of outside composers, recruiting a truly original cast, making the most of foreign cultures (see ISDN link), we will leave no stone unturned in our quest to grab the attention of listeners whose hearing has become selective. In the new media age, creativity is the future of advertising


pub radio locali pirelli pub radio locali pirelli pub radio locali pirelli
radio Pirelli with


Sound identity

Your sound logo: making your image talk

All the big advertisers do it, but did you know that you could too? The creation of a jingle and / or original music is a demanding process. However, you will reap the rewards for many years to come. Think of Dell, Apple, or Microsoft…and you’ll hear their jingles in your head. These three (often) notes make up the jingle which has been created in partnership with the advertiser and which respects its values. In order to create your future jingle, we will ask you hundreds of questions about your brand’s values, its image and history, and then we will suggest tracks (reference search) before composing and then orchestrating the theme music which will accompany your future successes.

identité sonore locali pour Wudy Aia identité sonore locali pour Wudy Aia identité sonore locali pour Wudy Aia
sound identity for Wudy Aia with Networks