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Are you looking for?
– Translation solutions in order to develop your business in international markets.
– Adaptation solutions so that your communications can be adapted to the culture of target countries.
– Dubbing solutions for your films, PowerPoint® presentations, electronic slide shows and websites, using native speakers.
– DVD authoring solutions in order to integrate images, text and sound onto the same DVD, with language options and a menu.

=> Vox Populi® is your solution La voix des peupleTranslation

We manage your translation projects by making a network of translators available to your company.

Thanks to a close-knit team and new communications technologies, Vox Populi® offers a service which responds to the growing requirements of the international market. The quality of our service and the responsiveness of our translation agency are the key values of a reliable structure built on excellent human relations.

Are you demanding? We are too. We only work with professional and experienced translators, who each specialise in a specific field.

Vox Populi® offers translation services for technical, scientific and NICT documents, as well as tenders, marketing authorisations and press releases.

We translate a wide range of languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Arabic, Italian, Spanish and German.

Please contact us for an on-line quotation, we will get back to you within 24 hours during the working week.


However, for audiovisual productions, translation is not enough:

only LOCALIsation can truly adapt the source text to the target public. The quality of your message will largely depend on the quality of the LOCALIsation.
Localisation is all about tailoring your message to the culture of the target country (choice of words, idioms, forms of address, different organisation of arguments), as well as adjusting sentence length and even the sound of words.


pub uhu locali pub uhu locali pub uhu locali
Campagne TV UHU with Networks 

film Avon par Locali film Avon par Locali film Avon par Locali

Audio dubbing

For example during lip-synchronised dubbing (lipsync), ‘Hi Ben, how are you today?’ cannot be translated by ‘Bonjour Ben, comment vas-tu aujourd’hui ?’ because the French version is:
–         Too long (ten syllables as opposed to seven in the English)
–         Does not fit mouth movements (‘hi’ produces an open mouth, whereas ‘bonjour’ starts with a closed mouth)
–         Ludicrous (even ridiculous?) as ‘comment vas-tu aujourd’hui ?’ is a poor translation of an English greeting which is not used in French.

We offer our dialogue adaptation services for audiovisual, animation, and training productions, video games and interactive toys.

Short and feature-length films
Radio and TV spots
Public services videos
Press packs
Training programmes
Scripts / synopses

Our linguistic and audiovisual expertise, based on fifteen years of unique experience in audio production, is your guarantee. We are also members of the international APTX network of over 900 localisation specialists from all over the world.


personnages AVA de Daesign par Locali personnages AVA de Daesign par Locali personnages AVA de Daesign par Locali

DVD Authoring

Films that have been translated, adapted and then dubbed in various languages, need to be presented and cut onto a single, interactive large capacity media: the DVD or Digital Versatile Disc. This is called DVD authoring or video creation. It is a three-stage process: capture, editing of menus and cutting. DVDs offer unbeatable storage capacity: 4.7 Giga Octets (or more for double-layer DVDs), eight audio tracks, thirty-two subtitle tracks, an unlimited number of menus including animated menus, and a Dolby Digital facility. Editing of the interactive menu, or authoring, is the key stage which aims to enhance the films, while making them easier to view. This technology offers unbeatably flexible playback, thanks to ergonomic and efficient navigation. Vox Populi® is the solution for your DVD authoring.

authoring dvd locali authoring dvd locali