Vox Phone

On-hold system : a unique and free advertising space that you can use to communicate with a receptive and ultra-qualified target public.

Answering machine services : because a week lasts 7 x 24 = 168 hours, and a switchboard operator who works a 39-hour week only answers 23% of the time. It’s up to you to capture the remaining 77%.

Automatic answering service : a message which always answers after one, two or three rings (depending on your setting) with a smile.

Interactive Voice Servers (IVS) : available 24-7. Need to answer simple questions and make substantial savings? These servers are must-haves.

=> Vox Phone is your solution

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On-hold system

Who could possibly have dreamed of such an advertising space?- Very busy: today 80% of business is done on the telephone, and each of your prospective and regular clients hold on average for 45 seconds before being connected.
– Completely free: your customer is paying for the call, so you only pay to produce the messages.
– Perfectly targeted: no wastage, you only speak to your prospective and regular clients.
– Offers a captive and particularly attentive audience: when on hold, your clients know that you will be speaking to them very shortly.Don’t do without this unique advertising space for any longer! On our dedicated site, AMT.com, you can produce your future message with just three clicks of the mouse, without any obligation on your part.

And with the new generation of downloadable messages, your messages will be replaced without you having to even think about it!

Answering machine services

For a foreign client who is not located in the same time zone, your switchboard is no more available than you in your own home! Due to a 39-hour working week, it is not easy to hit the right moment. As for your clients in your home country, decision-makers frequently call outside of working hours. An answering machine which informs and records messages is a simple and productive piece of equipment. In a word: indispensable.

Automatic answering service

The automatic answering service is the message that your callers hear before you speak.
It therefore constitutes the very first contact that the caller has with your image, before even the switchboard operator can take the call, as it answers automatically after one, two or three rings, depending on the programming set by your installation engineer.This message gives the person who is answering the time to end or put on hold a call which is already underway. It also offers the advantage of an always pleasant, smiling and professional welcome.
However, do be careful not to forget your callers by leaving them on hold forever! The automatic answering message is a great tool, if used correctly.

Interactive Voice Servers (IVS)

Interactive Voice Servers or IVS are computers which answer the phone automatically. Sometimes a pain (when they are badly set up) but so practical and cost effective! The IVS is always smiling, professional, can speak every language under the sun, is never tired, off or on strike, and in addition is not expensive.
The IVS is a tree structure operated by a computer. Each cell of the structure contains a professional audio message recorded by us:
> Welcome to XXX, please press the * key on your telephone keypad.
> Thank-you.
> For the sales division, press 1
> For the technical division, press 2
> For accounts, press 3
> Etc.
The interactive vocal server also listens and understands (voice recognition), can read a text (voice synthesis), record messages (answering machine function) and take action (send faxes / e-mails).In order for it to be “attractive”, professional messages recorded with a warm and professional human voice, are needed. These messages are often known as voice prompts.