Vox Online

Remote recording : so that you can benefit from the best, native, accentless voices, in your target country.

Sessions which you can follow remotely : because you don’t always have the time to come and direct your session in the studio.

Sound for websites : because you understand that your website is your best communications tool and that Internet 2.0 is interactive, and therefore multimedia.

=> Vox Online is your solution

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Remote recording

The exclusive ISDN APT-X process enables us to remotely record an actor or musician at the other side of the world. The recording is done live and is of professional quality. Locali is part of a network of over 900 partner studios throughout the world which share their voice casting and experience.

Follow sessions remotely

Is your time precious? Do you dream of directing your recording session from your office? Vox Online is perfect for you. Thanks to the various open access systems of today, you can even have a live link to the studio from your garden or the poolside. All you need is a PC and an internet connection: you will hear and see everything that is going on in the studio: the actor / actress, artistic director and sound engineer will also be able to hear you and you can intervene at any time, just like you would if you were with us in the studio. And what’s more, it’s free!

Sound for websites

France Info led the way: ten years ago news flashes, news bulletins and reports were put on-line on their website thanks to Real Audio technology, one hour after being broadcast. Today all the major radio stations have live audio feeds.
Nowadays we all subscribe to the internet in the same way as we all receive water and electricity. And bandwidth will just keep getting wider. There are legions of web radio stations, the major internet access providers offer triple play packages, bringing hundreds of channels to your television set, and Microsoft®, the market leader, is focusing on the PC / television convergence. All this means that the present and future of the web is multimedia: text, images (fixed and animated) and sound. Nowadays in order to stand out, your website must make some noise, and know how to speak, laugh and sing.