Vox for Kids

Video games: this is a major industry, with the global market being bigger than the film market. Our region has internationally recognised talent, experience and expertise in this area.

Talking toys: are continuing to develop, becoming more interactive. The toy becomes the child’s companion and teacher, and must be able to listen to and understand the child, as well as being able to speak to him or her (almost) like a real person.

=> Vox For Kids is your solution


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Video Games

We started to acquire our video game sound expertise when Vox Populi was founded in 1986. We began to create lots of voices, music and sound effects for the market leader at the time: Infogrames. The market leader then expanded, and we went on to produce sound tracks for new creators with bizarre names: Signes Particuliers, Donki Denki, Codemasters, Eden Studios, Cryo, Kazibao, Œil pour Œil, Little Worlds Studio, Etranges Libellules and EA, the world leader which also set up its French head office in Lyon.

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Talking Toys

Using our video game and cartoon skills, we developed our expertise in talking toys. Our knowledge of children’s requirements, the importance of voice casting, and our experience in directing real children (such as in the Swedish Cartoon School for whom we are dubbing several feature length films), are all real skills which we continue to keep up. Our clients have won numerous awards, 1st prizes and Special Toys Awards – we hope to have played a part in their successes.

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Tomy dog.com, Babar’s aeroplane, interactive Babar and Celeste from Lansay,
Berchet’s Theo baby doll and Watch out for the wolf! game, VTech magical dictation machine, Hasbro’s Sindy doll, interactive Lea baby doll from Corolle, and the Ouaps green mouse.