Vox DI

– Training programmes, e-learning: we remember better what we see in addition to reading, and we remember even better what we hear in addition to seeing.
– Multimedia productions: ranging from a simple Power Point® slideshow to an animation with 3D synthesis images, and including an encyclopaedic CD / DVD or a video game.
– Video films: ranging from prestigious corporate films to single-use product films.

=> Vox DI is your solution

Daesign (Annecy) and its autonomous virtual actors, technology boosting talent

Training programmes

Immersion training programmes such as video games, effective programmes such as role plays, and involving programmes such as real-life scenarios, do exist.
Based on the idea that simulation = practice + repetition, these programmes put you in virtual situations in order to train you for real-life situations. Without leaving the office or taking up whole days, these new tools enable you to interact, question, argue and convince, just like in real life.

Multimedia productions

These productions involve programmes which bring together text, image and sound and that you wish to offer on only one media. DVDs (for which we can provide multilingual versions and authoring) are a good example. However, multimedia programmes with sound are increasingly available on the internet, via what is known as “Webinars”, which are real programmes scheduled for a precise date and time. People can then register for these programmes, like for a conference, and follow them from their PCs.

Finally, let’s not forget the highly ingenious and cost-effective animated infographic (PP, Prezi…) which, once backed by a pleasant professional voice and music, takes on a totally different dimension, for very little expense.


Avon entrusts its multimedia productions to the Cho You Media Agency (Lyon)

Video films

This is where the first half of the word “audiovisual” really gets its meaning: post production, sound effects, multilingual casting, creation of original music, dubbing, mixing. Creating soundtracks for video films has been the focus of our work for over fifteen years. Hundreds of advertising films, corporate films, training films etc. have been mixed by our teams.

Just try watching a film without the soundtrack to see what we mean!

For Michelin, Joséphine Prod (Villeurbanne) produces real video trailers in order to encourage staff to take part in a road safety game.