Consultant and sound creation studios

Locali offers a wide range of skills and expertise to meet all your sound production needs: advertising, dubbing, e-learning, websites, multimedia, telephone systems, interactive toys and games, and localisation in every language.

Vox Pub, the voice for your TV and Radio ads and your Sound Identity

Vox Populi

The voice of the general public. Translation, Adaptation, Sound dubbing, DVD Authoring

Vox DI

Interactive Digital. The soundtrack for your Training Programs, E-learning, Serious Game, Multimedia, Videos

Vox For Kids

Voices, music and sfx for Interactive Toys and Video Games

Vox Online

Distance Recording, Distance Session Monitoring, Website Soundtrack Creation

Vox Phone

Your Professional Telephone Answering system. On Hold Messages, Answering Machine Messages, Greeting and Call Transfer, Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Vox Store

Your Store’s Sound Marketing. Custom Music Programs, including hire and maintenance of broadcasting system. The music that drives sales – in the heart of your sales outlet

You Vox

Means it’s you behind the mike. With You Vox-Academy you’re the star of the show. And with You Vox-Memorial you can immortalise the voice of someone dear to you