Our offer

Consulting and sound design studios

The know-how of Locali includes advertising, dubbing, e-learning, website, multimedia, telephony, interactive toys and localization services in all languages

Vox DI

Digital and interactive : the sound of your training and e-learning programs, serious games, multimedia productions, video films

Vox for Kids

Voices, music and sfx for interactive games and toys

Vox Pub

The voice of your TV and radio commercials, of your sound identity

Vox Populi

People’s voice for translation, localization, dubbing, voice-over, titling, audio-description, hearing impaired

Vox Online

Remote recording, remote session monitoring, website sound system

Vox Phone

Your professional phone messages :  pre-hold, on-hold messages, answering machines, interactive voice servers 

 You Vox

With You Vox-Academy, you are the new star behind the microphone. And with You Vox-Memorial you immortalize the voice of a loved one

L’Ecole de la Voix

An unique school to train the talents of tomorrow
Registered training organization number 82 69 10943 69