Pierre-Louis Rostagnat, fondateur de Locali
Pierre-Louis ROSTAGNAT
Design & Editing,
Artistic Direction
Remy Chenaud ingénieur du son chez locali
Remi Chenaud
Sound design,
sound engineer
Benoît Riot designer sonore ingénieur du son chez Locali
Benoît Riot
Sound design,
sound engineer
Marie Laleman - Gestion de production et planning chez Locali
Marie Laleman
Production and schedule management

Morgan Rivelon
Sound design,
sound engineer

Locali undertakes to offer real added value in sound production.

Today we are all drowning in information. An audio presentation helps to simplify your message and motivates your clients to take action. Our creative division will help you with your product demonstrations and marketing events, company training courses and producing advertising spots.

The use of cutting-edge equipment, allied with our creativity, enables your clients to get to the very heart of your message. Come and see us with a real communications challenge, and we will give you an adapted creative solution.

The style and techniques used in our multimedia presentations are similar to those used by many other major production companies in the marketplace. However, as we use the best resources and strictly manage production, we are often able to deliver the end product more quickly, at a lower price and with a greater impact.

We produce all types of communications

Voice dubbing, website audio, musical creation, localisation, radio and TV advertising spots, CDs and DVDs, telephone answering services, and interactive voice servers.

Our services include

Vox Pub, The voice of your adverts – Vox Populi, The voice of the people – Vox D.I., Digital and interactive – Vox For Kids, Fun and educational – Vox Online, A link to the future – Vox Phone, Your professional telephone answering service – Vox Store, Audio marketing for your shops – You Vox, You behind the microphone.

Design and editing, musical creation, script writing, translation, adaptation, localisation, multilingual casting, direction of actors and sessions, sound library searches, negotiating music rights, copyright free music, digitalisation of all types of file formats, cutting, and copying.

Our cost philosophy

Locali continually strives to offer its clients the best possible quality-price ratio. When we provide a quote, we undertake to respect costs and deadlines, and to ensure that you are totally satisfied. No unpleasant surprises or unforeseen circumstances.

Our sound philosophy

Our sound communications philosophy is simple: sound is one of the most effective ways of touching people’s emotions. But this depends on the message being designed and produced correctly.
Our experience has taught us about the requirements and habits of the target audience of sound messages.

Team creativity

Our team is made up of designers whose main objective is to ensure the success of your sound project. While others keep doing the same things, our clients get noticed. Our expertise includes writing, recording, and the post-production and copying of messages which bear witness to the unique positioning required for each client.


Locali has chosen to equip its studio with the best technology, with the most important feature being the acoustic quality of the system: recording booth (designed by Roger D’Arcy, AAA, London), microphone (static with light), preamplifier (major brand), and loudspeaker enclosures (the best current products).

All our team is available to work in partnership with you. Rest assured that we will take great care with your project to ensure that your company’s image does the talking, louder than ever before!