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Voice hunters is our job.

Locali has created the 1st free online marketplace for spoken voice in all languages

Free voice actor casting

For more than 20 years our recording studio has devoted studio time to auditioning candidates. The selection of voice actor is made exclusively on quality criteria.

A professional recording studio serving the world’s finest voice-overs

Locali, the leading professional recording studio specializing in casting and voice dubbing in all languages, assigns the lucky ones selected a login and password allowing them to update their profile for free and unlimited. Each voice talent is therefore the guarantor of the content of its presentation sheet.

A global voiceover recording network

We have tested several thousand voice actors. The result of this work is a unique selection of several hundred French voices in all languages, which you can listen to now on our site.
Indeed, our membership in the international APTX network allows, via ISDN, remote recording with 900 other international studios. Music, sound effects and the best voices, anywhere in the world, without travel expenses.