7 good reasons

Locali is able to offer you the best quality at the best price

20+ years of experience in audio production, voice dubbing and localization have shown us that quality and responsiveness are the key elements in choosing your sound partner.

1. Locali is a company

Founded by experienced people (ex Vox Populi studios). At LOCALI, your contacts all have more than 10 years of experience in a leading company and, like in the film industry, we hire the best for each project.

2. The ambition of Locali

is to provide you with the best quality sound production and localization service at the most competitive price. For this we have completely rethought the value chain of our business.

3. Voice Hunters

since 1986, Locali has had the first completely free online database on the voice casting page.
Voice talents, selected on the sole criterion of their competence, update their own profile unlimitedly and free of charge. It is the most credible catalog of voice actors in France.

We are a member of an international network of +900 studios around the world for real-time, professional-quality remote recordings. Think Globally, act Locali!

4. Our workplace

is located in a pleasant setting that stimulates creativity.
– PV, rent, charges, property tax, stress.
+ parking, savings, working time, serenity, inspiration and creativity.

5. Our organization

promotes mobility and responsiveness. High speed internet connection and secure ftp sites. Innovative technologies (IDSN APTx, Source Connect, Session Link, Skype…).
We can record remotely and live with 900 studios around the world. You can follow your sessions remotely from your computer. Less CO2 is better for the planet.
LOCALI also consumes 100% green electricity.

6. Innovative technological choices

We choose the best for the recording booth chain (Roger D’Arcy, AAA, London plans) / microphone (Neumann M149) / preamplifier (Neve, Focusrite) / speakers (Genelec 1031A).

7. Locali is a 100% independent company