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Comprehensive French localization service in all languages, recording studios, dubbing, titling,
voices and sounds to convey informations and emotions
to sell your company’s products and services worldwide



Prosody (ie timbre and tone combination, color, pitch, intensity, tempo, rhythm, pauses, articulation, intonations) accounts for 85% of a voice recording job, whereas words only account for 15%.
We work with the most beautiful voices in the world. Quality, not quantity.

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Ever been on marketplaces where you entrust your voice project to wannabe comedians, with no control and poor equipement? Our commitment is the total opposite : the best professional voice actors recorded in the best technical conditions by experienced sound engineers with artistic directors.



The most beautiful voices to sell your products and services around the world : our professional remote recording softwares make it possible to record native actors directly from and in the target countries.



Tired of apps that connect amateur offers to low quality demand? Locali does the exact opposite and only works with voice recording professionals : comedians, voice-over or voice talents.



A ordinary, flat voice conveys words, a voice talent conveys emotions. It convinces, seduces, dramatizes, amuses or surprises.
Being talented is the only condition for voice talents to be part of our database and site. With no registration fees, our model is unique,

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Synthetic voice vs Voice Talent

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LOCALI provides all the services, facilities and expertise necessary to create local versions of any type of media content for international markets.
Sound tracks for radio ads, TV ads, e-learning, serious games, multimedia, toys, Internet and telephone systems. Original music, sound design, dubbing studio, voiceover school..

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We are so sure you will love the Locali service
that we will refund your first order -studio and technical costs- if you are not completely satisfied.
Costs for voice actors or musicians remain at your charge.